Malcolm Evans has been a professional cartoonist since the 60s. Approaching that milestone himself now, he tells everyone he's twenty eight and often behaves like someone half that age.


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10092019 - Leading With Her Shoulder

09112019 - Thrown Under The Tractor

08282019 - Farming Woes

08142019 - Fonterra To Give Spierings Another Bonus

07312019 - Drones Filming Cows in mud

07162019 - Calf Season Cravings

06192019 - Dung Beetles

06052019 - Off To Fieldays

05082019 - The Drugs Debate

04172019 - Farm Drone Fitted With Dog's bark

04022019 - The Good News and The bad News

04022019 - The Good News and The bad News

03202019 - Well They look Like Us

03052019 - Fonterra Invests in Protein Lab

02202019 - Year Of The Pig Swill

01152019 - Must Be Their milking Time

01152019 - Plastic Food Packaging

12052018 - Turkey Christmas

11212018 - After Open Gates visitors have gone

11062018 - Open Gate Day

10242018 - Fonterra Board Elections

10092018 - Emissions A Threat To The Planet

09192018 - Fonterra Make A Loss

09052018 - New NAIT Regs

08222018 - Fonterrea Report To Shareholders

08072018 - Cows trample Walkers

07182018 - Calving Time

07042018 - The Paleo Diet