Malcolm Evans has been a professional cartoonist since the 60s. Approaching that milestone himself now, he tells everyone he's twenty eight and often behaves like someone half that age.


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Political Affairs

01011970 - he US Supports Your Protest COL

01011970 - uckland Council Maori Board COL

01011970 - im Southee COL

01011970 - he Sphinx at the Door COL

01011970 - witter defeats Tanks COL

01011970 - witter defeats Tyranny COL

01011970 - ello Democracy COL

01011970 - he Aussie PM's Speech COL

01011970 - aul Henry Gets US Show COL

01011970 - our De France pleads drugged steak COL

01011970 - M Attacks Food Bank Customers COL

01011970 - he Cricket World Cup COL

01011970 - onterra Freezes Milk Price COL

01011970 - ew Year's Day COL

01011970 - he Pope World Peace Summit COL

01011970 - he Turkey AGM COL

01011970 - he Holiday COL

01011970 - hark Attack COL

01011970 - hark Fast Food COL

01011970 - ruel Culture COL

01011970 - ew Year's Day COL

01011970 - ew Year's Day COL

07231018 - Ban Single Use Plastic