Malcolm Evans has been a professional cartoonist since the 60s. Approaching that milestone himself now, he tells everyone he's twenty eight and often behaves like someone half that age.


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Edna Cartoons

01302007 - Weetbix for All Blacks

01302007 - Comet McNaught

01302007 - I thought they'd never leave

05312006 - New Bio Fuel from Sewage

05312006 - Tana and the Handbag

12062005 - Does Santa do cricket teams

06032005 - "I've just shot you a brand new eiderdown Edna!"

06032005 - "Get out of there Blue!!"

06032005 - I've just shown a trespasser my customary right!"

06032005 - The latte box

06032005 - "We'll be ready next time it floods!"

06032005 - "Watch it - the Aussies have just beaten us again!"

06032005 - "You won't get lost at Fieldays this year Edna!"

06032005 - "You know that rock garden you've always wanted."

01282003 - Get down to the cross roads

01252003 - FON terrorism

01242003 - Golf and fishing combined

01232003 - Rural stress

01212003 - Kiwi fruit spray poisons

01011970 - 10022019 - A licence for what

1130-0001 - The End of the Holidays

1130-0001 - Easter Eggs